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Barn Door Project

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
This is the view immediately when you walk in our front door and it makes me crazy! No I'm not referring to the unstaged dining room with the wrinkled slip cover, pennant still hanging up from the weekend or the toys under the table. Im talking about the ovens! Why oh why? I just don't get this design? Apparently, I'm not the only one because the builder has completely changed the design of this room since our home was built and this opening is no longer there! Brilliant! To late for me though. 
Oh well, its the perfect excuse for another DIY! 
Have I told you I die for pocket doors?!? Well, I do and that is what I wish we could have put here. I've tried to convince Brian that tearing out the wall and installing one is a fantastic idea but he's not buying it! 

 Love these and I love the placement of the microwave in this picture...I need to bookmark this photo for the kitchen redo....getting off track...okay back to the doors!
I have always loved the idea of the interior barn door and to be honest I have been trying to come up with a place that I can put one. Im not kidding! I seriously have been staring at this opening for a year and a half hating everything about it and at the same time thinking "Hmmm where could we put a barn door in here?" I can be a little slow sometimes....I did have a baby recently so this new baby mom brain isn't helping! 
I had Brian look at a few photos I found and he is completely on board!! Yay!! Thank goodness because this is not a project I could tackle alone. 

We are still in the process of deciding exactly how we want the door to look and how we are going to  to hang it. We will not be buying a barn door kit since they run anywhere from $200-$400. So we are going to make it ourselves and that is going to take a little more thought. The room already has board and batten so we want to make sure that its all works together. Im still a little torn between the exposed industrial hardware and something like this below where the track is hidden away and the door trim is incorporated in to the board and batten. 
Im super excited about this project and I can't wait to show you our progress in the coming days!  
Stay tuned:)

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