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Tuesday, June 3, 2014
When I started this blog a short time ago, I promised myself that I wouldn't allow perfect to ruin the good.
 I am very happy with the progress we have made in the house thus far but that doesn't mean I don't get caught up with what isn't done yet or what I want to do with the house! 
That kind of thinking is what makes me not want to post pictures of the house because I think to myself....oh, but that room isn't finished and so I don't want anyone to see it until it's perfect. 
That is exactly the moment when the perfect starts to ruin the good!
I know my house is ever changing and if we really get to live in this house for as long as we think we will, well then, there will be a lot of changes in that time period, so I guess it's not really ever going to be "done." 

This is our loft and in my mind it is unfinished...why? 
First, because I think I want panels on the window's....but one window on the far end of the room is really, really close to the wall so then I wonder what I will do there because a rod would barely fit in the I leave them "undone" for now. 
I also think I might want to change our existing white blinds to natural woven ones because trimming those windows out is also on the list and that would look so finished and for now they will stay as is.
Because one of the thing's that I have learned from moving from house to house is this...
 Do Not Buy Things You Plan On Replacing Eventually!!! 
It is a huge waste of money and it also delays progress in the house because that temporary fix usually becomes permanent and then you just end up walking past whatever it is everyday giving it dirty looks! 
So wait and do it right the first time!
When we first moved in we swore we would plunk down the cash and put interior shutters in all the windows on the front side of the house......a year and a half hasn't happened yet. All I can say is geesh those babies are pricey!! 
But so pretty and something we really want, and we know that, so we are waiting and figuring it out as we go. 

Here is my little collage wall over the could use some more added to it but again that will come with time. Right now it consists of pictures of the girls, my grandmothers plate, our state silhouette ( a pinterest project I actually did), my resin animal head ( i love them, my family hates them) and a gift from a friend, lyrics to one of my favorite Mumford and Sons songs....sigh!

Just a few of the other details in the room..
My thrift store bench and a giant chalkboard that has been hung a hundred different places in our multiple homes

 book paper wreath

An old globe I won for $1 at an auction.
The sea shell from our honeymoon that we found on the beach while horse back riding in Aruba.

The slipcovered sofa is Ikea and the leather chair was one of those "we are grown up's and need proper furniture"  purchase's before we moved in. Brian always wanted his own chair and I had to stop him at we agreed on this. 

The other chair is my goodwill find for $14, covered with a tablecloth turned slipcover and the pillow that took three trips to Ikea to get! Apparently, it is very popular in the blog world
or also seen here.....

Love the Nester and all that she preaches about how it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful! 
I'm starting to embrace this theory one project at a time! 

2 comments on "The Loft"
  1. Hi, saw you over on Rooms For Rent's instagram! I love the palette of your home and your style. Looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. What is the name of the IKEA sofa? Is it comfortable?