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Navy Blue Dining Table

Saturday, June 7, 2014
This story is a perfect example of how my brain works.....
Two day's ago I was browsing Craigslist looking for a table for our kitchen, because a few months ago I did some rearranging...yes again! You might remember when the front room turned in to a dining room again, okay so anyway, I was browsing Craigslist and I came across a pedestal table for $40. 
I wasn't wow'd by it but thought, hmm this could work...then the thought immediately left brain and I was on to the next thing. 
Story continues....the next day I was doing my usual Instagram and coffee morning when I came across this photo 

It was love at first sight!! 
Oh my goodness, I must have that table!! 
So.....I search table.....table cost's a fortune......remember the Craigslist table....think to myself, I can make this seller....pray they still have it.....wait 4 excruciating hours for response.....Yippy! They have it!!
The next morning the first thing I did (after Instagram and coffee of course) was go pick up the table.
Then swung by Lowe's for the paint. This Valspar color was the closet thing I could find in the spray paint selection there. It didn't say navy but it looked close enough so I was going for it! 
If you haven't figured it out yet, I have absolutely no patience and I make rash decisions, but so far it's working for me.
I bought 6 cans and left.
I only ended up using 3 cans and the table looked really good, except where the can left those ugly spray blotches on the table top! UGH! 
Back to Lowe's.
I had the nice man at the paint counter color match a quart of Valspar signature paint so I could brush a thin coat across the table top.
So much better!!
And after all that, here she is, my $40 table + $30 paint = 
close enough to my dream table! 
( I have a ton of paint left too)
I pulled my Tolix chairs from the work room, the slip covered parsons out of the basement (yes, I have a lot of crap in my basement) and set some of my Ironstone on top. 

I really do love everything about it and she fits the space perfectly! 
All in a day's work! 

6 comments on "Navy Blue Dining Table"
  1. That's how you did it so fast! Love Valspar Spray Paint! Looks great!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank's Michelle! I'm pretty happy with it:)

  3. Two day's ago I was browsing Craigslist looking for a table for our kitchen, because a few months ago I did some rearranging...

  4. a very good idea to paint a table became Antique Dining Table, this could be a reference for me :)

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