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Built In Locker's

Thursday, June 5, 2014
Our built in did I ever live without you?

Aren't they pretty!
This was one of those must have's on my list of things for this house and even though it was a little extra,  I have to say I don't regret it at all! 
They are perfectly located right next to the garage door to catch all the crap that used to be thrown in a pile on the floor every time the hub's and kiddos came in to the house! 
I don't miss that one bit!
Now bags, coats, hat's, etc. are all hung up nicely. Shoes are thrown in the basket's down below and anything else is hidden away in the striped baskets above. 
This is heaven to a mom dying for a little organization in a crazy house like our's! 

We all have our own locker. The girl's picked out their own immediately when they saw them for the first time.
I guess when our tiny bug get's a little older and needs her own, Brian and I will be left to share one...that should be interesting. 
Good thing this house has multiple closet space too!

1 comment on "Built In Locker's"
  1. Woukd love to do this in my house. Did you buy your house with these built ins already there or did you put them in yourself?