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Anniversary Bouquet

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Today is our eleven year wedding anniversary and my sweet husband sent me this gorgeous bouquet of roses!
I'm a lucky girl, I know.
The thing is... I love them so much and I can only enjoy them in one room like this. 
Solution: make another small arrangement out of this one!
First thing I needed to do was prepare the vase with some tape to section it off. 
This keeps the flowers upright and you also don't need to use as many stems because the tape keeps everything in place. It looks like the vase is fuller then it is!
Then I filled in the holes with a few stems...perfect for my bedside table!

Now I get to wake up to the amazing aroma of fresh flowers in my room and also show them off in our dining room for everyone else to see. 
It still looks gorgeous and you can't even tell the difference! you Brian!

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