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Wednesday, May 28, 2014
If you read my last post, you will know that it always takes me a while to figure out a house. 
Where is everything going to go, what rooms will we use for what purpose? 
When we moved in, I didn't have a work room and after a few months I realized that it just wasn't going to work with out one.
So I rearranged a few rooms and although that meant that we lost a guest room (it turned in to our playroom) it also meant that I gained a work room!

I was so happy to finally have a place to sew, craft and work on my blog. 
The girls were also happy to have a place to do homework and art project's!
Basically, all those things that having an actual work room comes in handy for.  
At first, it was pretty empty and didn't have a whole lot of life to it, but it didn't stay that way for long.

One thing we needed was storage and a trip to Ikea (one of my most favorite places on earth) fixed that. 
Along with this blue cabinet that I pulled out of the basement we were set.

Another thing that I needed desperately was a place to blog, pay bills and basically just explore the internet, all while getting nothing on my to do list done....this space has been perfect for that.

Here is my old chair that has been reupholstered (sort of) by me twice and currently has material pinned, yes, pinned to it because I can't decide what I want to do with it (and I'm being lazy about the whole thing) so for now it's a little dangerous to sit on due to possibly getting stuck with a straight pin at any moment, but it's comfy!

We've started a gallery wall on the opposite side of the room for all of the girls extra special artwork. My girl's love to draw and paint and we have A LOT of artwork that's made on a daily basis.
But you just can't display or keep all of it!! You just can't!!!
Otherwise, there you are, being asked to film an episode of hoarder's because you can no longer walk through your home!
 Because you felt guilty and never threw away any "artwork" that your kids made!
I tell myself this all the time and it helps just a little when I'm hiding those paper's under the cereal box or whatever will sufficiently cover it in the trash!
Not to mention the joy on their little faces when they know they have made something really good and decide it should go on the wall.
The goal is that one day the room is filled with little masterpiece's everywhere!

Our work room is now used more than any other room in the house and I sometime's wonder what I was thinking by not having it here to begin with?!?

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