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Friday, May 30, 2014
The master bedroom.
 Otherwise known as the room that is always last on my list.
We have lived in seven houses and I can honestly say that this room, my room, well Brian's also, never ever gets any attention! 
I don't know if it's because no one ever really see's it, so why bother?  Or maybe it's because I get up in the morning, make my bed and I don't go back in there until 10pm at night?
Whatever the reason, it has been terribly neglected.
I have heard all the rumors... the ones that say "Your room is your sanctuary" and yes, it should be.  
A place to unwind at the end of the day. A place that is just for the two of you, in a house full of girl's that have taken over almost every other room!
Another reason I didn't love our bedroom is because we didn't have any furniture in there that was really ours. Up to this point it was all hand me downs and nothing I would pick out myself. Not that we are alone in that. I know a lot of "grown up's" still sleeping on their childhood mattress and using the same dresser they had in college. We were two of of them.
I decided with this house we would finally purchase the bed that I had always wanted and with Brian's approval (who am I kidding, he could care less) I got this one from Ballard design.
Shockingly, its cream and it's upholstered and I love it!!!!
 It sat in our garage at the old house for month's before we was killing me that I had to wait to use it! 

The bedding is a mismatch of Anthropologie, Homegood's, Target and Walmart.
 I can be a little afraid of color so I keep all the main parts cream (duvet, shams, sheets) and change out the throw pillow's and quilt frequently. 

My night table is another old dresser from an auction. I think this is the third color it has been and the   two bottom drawers don't open! Which is fine because it was $8 and at that price you cant be picky! 

These Ikea frames worked great for framing old feed bags from local Indiana farms. 
We have this large wall in our room that has no window's or furniture against it to break up the space, so finding something to fill it was a pain! But these have really worked well to balance the wall space and they coordinate with the bedding perfectly. That was a total coincidence! Well, maybe it wasn't? 
I find that if you buy things that you truly love, you will start to notice that most of those thing's will work well together. So always stick to your gut!

It only took seven houses for us to finally have a space of our own and at 10pm it is warm and cozy and I love it in here. 

But I would be lying if I said the girls are never in here because every weekend this floor is covered in blankets and sleeping bags and I love it! 
One day they won't want to be so close to us so for now I don't mind sharing this space with them...but only on the weekends!

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