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Family Room

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
When I was planning on how I wanted my new home to look, months before it was finished, I knew I wanted it light and bright in some areas, while keeping other parts of the house warm and cozy. 
The family room has a lot of windows which bring in a ton of natural light. I didn't want to darken the space at all so I went with light colored furniture.

I seriously looked for months for the right sofa. 
First, I thought I would do two Chesterfield's. One on either side of the room. But the more I looked at them, the more I felt they were a little to formal for our family. 
What look's great in magazines isn't always the best for the real world!

Knowing, I wanted something light and comfortable, I decided that the sectional was the way to go. Now, it was time to search for one that was not only light, but comfortable, and affordable. 
 Some of these sucker's can cost as much as a small car! No thanks!
Finally, I found this one and I'm in love with it. 
We paid the extra cash for the super duper warranty so I would actually let my kids sit on it!
 I'm not completely insane after all.

I wish I could say that we moved in and I knew exactly what this room was going to be and I just threw it all together overnight. 
Actually, it's been through a ton of change to get it to this point. 
When we moved in, the nook next to the fireplace was this empty space that needed to be filled.
 After a series of different things, we finally put the Ikea bookcases from the last house in there. I wanted "new built in's" but that wasn't in the budget.
 At first, I fought against using our "old" stuff in my shiny new house. But until I learn how to grow that money tree, I've learned to embrace the "old" stuff. 

Here are some of the "before" pictures to show how much it has changed in here over the past year. 
   And I'm pretty positive that with my addiction to decorating, that will only continue!

Our bookcases in the garage, before I realized that it was going to be those or nothing:)

1 comment on "Family Room"
  1. Gorgeous room! Would you mind sharing where you found your sectional? We live on the north side of Indy and we are starting our search for one. Thanks!