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Wednesday, December 5, 2018
You guys may remember our little downstairs bathroom. We actually started working on it last year and well we are finally adding all the finishing touches. One of my favorite additions is our AXOR Montreux bathroom faucet.

I love the detailing of the design with the single lever and pop up waste set. Its the perfect addition to our little bathroom. AXOR is a leader in bathroom design. They have so many gorgeous product lines and all so ingenious in the design.
I'm always so happy when I find a company that not only makes beautiful products but also has great functionality to go with it. Their faucets come in a array of designs and finishes. I chose the Montreux in the brushed brass finish with matching drain set.

I love the design and how it adds warms and interest to our tiny little bathroom. 

We are so happy with our Montreux faucet. I know we have chosen something beautiful, functional and of excellent quality for our home. If you love the AXOR Montreux just as much as I do, check out the AXOR site here to see their wide array of products. You won't be disappointed!

Maiden Home Living Room Refresh

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
We have lived in our home two years now. Which is crazy to me because it feels like we have been here for ten years already. Maybe thats because we have been working on this place since before we even closed on the home...not even kidding.
The house has taken on a completely new life and I love looking back over the past few years and seeing how much has changed. Like our living room for instance. Here is a real estate photo of what I walked in to the first time I laid eyes on the space. Needless to say I wasn't thrilled. But Brian was adamant that this was going to be our home so I trusted him and Im so glad I did.
Its funny how the remodel of a home is a slow evolution to get you were you ulimately want to be. At least it is for us anyway. Rarely, do we keep things the same for very long without feeling the need to change it up. Recently, I had the opportunity to partner with Maiden Home to refresh our living room with their Dune Sofa and Mercer chairs.  The clean lines and crisp white linen spoke to my minimalist heart but it wasn't until I found out that this fabric is also kid and pet proof that I about died!
I chose white performance linen, yes WHITE! And its been amazing for our busy family. We have two dogs and three kiddos that love laying on the sofa and after a few weeks of daily wear and tear it still looks as new as the day it was delivered. The comfort of the Dune is like sitting on a cloud with the construction of the bench seat cushion and down feather and fiber fill.  I also love that if I had to wash it, I totally can because its also a slipcover. How can you beat that?!?

The Maiden Home Mercer chairs are exactly what I would design if someone asked me to design a chair. Clean lines, crisp linen and black metal detailing. Modern with a nod to mid-century design. They are exactly what I have been looking for in a chair for this space for so long. They are modern but you don't have to sacrifice comfort in the least with these beauties. The price point is also quite good when you think about the quality and craftsmanship of these Maiden Home pieces. Some of you might think, but wait these aren't inexpensive and to that I would say, your so right. But you also need to know a quality piece when you see and touch it and these pieces won't let you down. These are pieces that will stand the test of time and won't break down after just a few short years like so many other disposable pieces of furniture on the market these days. I long for the days when you would receive a well crafted piece of furniture as a wedding gift and thats what you kept for a lifetime. Those days have since passed with so much poor craftsmanship. Maiden Home is bucking this trend and creating truly inspiring and hand crafted pieces to pass down. 

I mean COME ON!! They make my heart skip a beat every time I look at them....can you have a crush on chair because I totally do! 

I am so happy with how our living room looks and feels right now. It feels refined and well designed without feeling stuffy. You can fall into each piece and relax without the worry of messing it up. My goal is to have a home that my family and friends will feel comfortable in. A place they want to relax and stay for long periods of time. We love our house full of family, friends, all the neighborhood kids...the list goes on, so I can't have furniture that won't allow for this kind of living. The Maiden Home Dune Sofa and Mercer chairs are the perfect fit for us because they allow for exactly this kind of living. Now I'm thinking about the rest of the house and how we can incorporate more pieces in to our spaces.
Stay tuned! 

Powder Room Reveal with Ferguson

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

I'm so excited to finally show you the powder room reveal for our last remodel house. We had the opportunity to partner with the Fegurson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery for this powder room makeover and if you read the post HERE you will remember that we had just chosen our favorite plumbing and lighting for the bath.  I included all of the sources for each item we chose and I could not be happier with how it all turned out.
My all time favorite is the DVX Oak Hill Vanity and Faucet that we were able to use on this project. I love this console sink because it doesn't feel too bulky with its clean lines in this very tiny bathroom but the sink is still huge in size.
The Oak Hill faucet has my favorite cross handle design and the polished chrome is timeless which is exactly what I needed in this home. Because this home was remodeled to sell, I needed to make sure that the design would speak to any buyer coming in to the home. 
The Modern and sleek lighting by PARK HABOR was the perfect addition to this minimal space.  

The DXV Equality toilet is also sleek in its design and eco friendly flushing system works perfectly in this home built for a large and busy family. 
While the design of this little powder bath is pretty minimal, I was able to incorporate some fun tile in to the space while still letting the console sink be the star of the show. I'm pretty jealous of the family that will call this house their home one day!

*Paid Partnership with Ferguson 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Designer Retreat 2018

This month I had the amazing opportunity to fly to San Francisco for the Zephyr Designer Retreat.
The Zephyr team was so welcoming and they made this such a great experience from beginning to end. We had the chance to see the Zephyr Showroom and learn all about the newest product, the launch of their new beverage coolers, the Presrv series

Proper Hotel Lobby 

We had the opportunity to stay at the Proper Hotel designed by legendary interior designer, Kelly Wearstler,  in the tenderloin district of San Francisco. It was nothing short of amazing! 
It is truly a designer's dream hotel. The attention to every last detail was so inspiring and I can't wait to go back. 
The Zephyr team were incredible hosts and made this such an inspiring and fun retreat. We had the opportunity to visit the Fireclay store while we were there, encouraging us to create our own Fireclay tile designs with a workshop they hosted. 
We spent the day traveling around the city, visiting different locations and shops. There is so much inspiration in this city! 

The Fall Art and Antiques show was one of my most favorite stops on our city tour. It was full of fine art and antiques, centuries old. It gave me such an appreciation for how much love and effort was put in to the craft of creating furniture that would last generations. If only this art was still as prevalent in our society today.
Our second day of the retreat we visited the Joseph Phelps winery in Napa Valley. It was my first time in Napa and it didn't disappoint. I also had no idea how little I actually knew about wine until we had the opportunity to do a wine tasting and were taught all the right ways to drink wine. Who knew the glass can actually change the taste of the wine?! Not me, but I do know. 

A private dinner was held in the cutest little spot by the Golden Gate bridge with the most amazing food. We were so spoiled on this retreat! I didn't even get to show you everything that we got to do but let me tell you it was all absolutely fantastic! 
I was so impressed with the Zephyr company. The attention to detail that they show in every product, from their line of kitchen hoods to the new line of beverage coolers, was shown to each one of us on this designer retreat. They truly made us feel special from start to finish. I'm excited to know them and the opportunity to use the Zephyr products, not only in my own home but also in my clients homes. 

Until next time San Francisco! 

When the Kitchen Sink is Everything

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

*This post is in partnership with Elkay, but all opinions are our own 

If you've been following along on Instagram, you've seen photos of our most recent renovation. It's no secret that the kitchen is a show-stopper, and this gorgeous Fireclay Equal Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink from Elkay is front and center. 

I designed the kitchen with a modern twist on farmhouse, incorporating sleek design with classic beauty. With its timeless look and long-lasting durability, the Fireclay Equal Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink was the perfect bridge between both worlds. 

The Fireclay Equal Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink is as functional as it is beautiful. It's molded from natural fireclay and baked at high temperatures for an extremely durable finish. The smooth surface and glossy sheen make it a breeze to clean and the included cutting board accessory fits perfectly, which gives the Fireclay Equal Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink a dual purpose. Win win!

Thanks to our fabulous friends at Elkay for providing the beautiful finishing touch to a timeless kitchen!